Go Chemical-Free In The Kitchen By Making Your Own Cooking Spray

If you’ve enrolled in online cooking courses to learn to create healthy, filling meals for the people you love, you may find yourself wanting to make homemade versions of everyday ingredients. While making things like mozzarella cheese, hummus and pasta may take some serious skill, you don’t need online chef courses to teach yourself how to make your own cooking spray.

Recently, organic lifestyle enthusiasts have started making their own non-stick cooking sprays to help cut the fat, calories and chemicals out of their cooking. This homemade creation will help you save money, eliminate additives, remove the sticky residue on your pots and pans, and help promote a healthier and more natural way of life

And it’s extremely easy: All you’ll need to make your own cooking spray is olive oil, water and a spray bottle. In a bowl or measuring cup, combine one part oil with five parts water. Pour the mixture into the spray bottle and store in a cool dark place. Each time you use your concoction to keep foods from sticking, be sure to shake well so your mist contains both water and oil.

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