How To Make Italian Meringue

The most stable of them all, Italian meringue is the one that’s most often used for your standard mousses, buttercreams and pie topping. What makes this baby the most stable is the sugar/water mixture is preheated so as that mixture is whipped into the eggs, they’re cooked as well. This means that no additional baking is required because the eggs are already cooked which really means less work for you! We really like it when things are made simple like that. Also, since this is the most stable meringue, you won’t have to worry about your mousses going soupy or your meringues going flat. All it takes is one extra tool-the candy thermometer-and your meringue making days will become as easy as summertime pie.

So, follow along with us in this online cooking class as we show you to learn to cook a deliciously perfect Italian meringue!

Italian Meringue
1 cup sugar
½ cup water
4 eggs, fresh and at room temperature

1. Heat the sugar and water in a saucepan until a candy thermometer reads 243F.
2. While the syrup is cooking, whip the eggs whites until they form soft peaks.
3. With the machine running, carefully beat in the hot syrup to the beaten eggs.
4. Continue beating until the meringue cools and forms soft peaks.

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