How To Cook Lobster Tail

Learn how to cook lobster tail with Chef Mark.

Lobster Tails Recipe:

6 oz. Lobster Tail
Sea Salt
Melted butter
Hungarian Paprika
Freshly ground pepper

1. Turn Broiler feature on in oven and arrange rack so that you have 3-4 inches clearance from the heat element to top of tail. You want to watch the heat as it cooks the tail, so as it doesn’t scorch and burn. Some adjustment will be necessary lowering or raising as needed.
2. Ensure tail is fully defrosted and cut from large end to tail along the top as demonstrated.
3. Lifting from the larger side arrange the tail meat still attached to the shell and display on top of the shell.
4. Brush with melted butter and salt.
5. Broil on suitable sheet pan or oven proof casserole dish ,until cooked, internal temp should be 155.oF
6. Remove and brush with additional melted butter and sprinkle lightly with paprika if desired.
7. Serve while hot.

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