Avoid Making Common Cooking Mistakes In Your Home Kitchen

Once you’ve mastered basic cooking skills from an online culinary course, you’ll be ready to get into the kitchen to whip up impressive meals. However, having the right techniques is only half the battle – you’ll also need to know what not to do. Follow these tips to avoid making common cooking mistakes:

Read the whole recipe before you start
If you don’t, you may find out too late that you’re missing the right ingredient, pot or pan, or that your food needs to chill in the refrigerator before it’s ready to cook.

Let your meat come to room temperature before cooking
Putting cold meat in the oven can cause it to cook unevenly because the exterior will appear golden brown while the interior is still raw.

Taste as you go
Tasting as you cook will help you add seasoning at the right times in the cooking process. This will allow your flavors to marry together more seamlessly than if you were to add salt, pepper and garlic right before serving.

Rinse your canned vegetables
Canned vegetables are usually stored in water and salt. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, rinsing them before use can help you cut down sodium content by at least 10 percent.

Don’t overcook fresh garlic
Garlic is naturally full of goodies that can help reduce your risk of chronic diseases. If you overcook it, you will lose potent flavor and also kill off some of these benefits.

Chop everything evenly
If you’re in a rush or aren’t paying close attention as you chop your vegetable, you may end up with messy pieces. Take a few extra seconds to concentrate and make sure that your chops are as even as possible so your food will cook properly.


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