Strange But Useful Cooking Tools

If you are getting more advanced in your cooking courses, you may be ready to move past the standard pots, pans and spatulas when it comes to your cooking tools. Although some utensils may seem like unneeded and costly additions to your kitchen, other devices can actually come in handy during tricky cooking preparations.

Here are a few of our favorite obscure cooking utensils:

Jar opener
How many times have you grabbed a jar of peanut butter, salsa or pasta sauce only to realize that your elbow grease simply isn’t enough to get it open? Although it’s a good thing that these products are sealed tightly, a stubborn jar can really put a damper on your prep work. Installing a jar opener underneath your kitchen counter or having a jar opener pad in your utensil drawer can alleviate a lot of headaches and help you open just about any jar with ease.

Herb scissors
There’s no doubt that fresh herbs are a staple in many of the recipes that you will prepare in your culinary programs. However, the process of rinsing, picking out stems and chopping them can be a time-consuming hassle. To give your knives and hands a break, consider purchasing a pair of herb scissors that can chop, cut and even mince your favorite herbs.

Burger grilling basket
With summer in full swing, chances are you have gathered the entire family around the grill at least once already. If you are having large get-togethers, burgers can end up taking over a huge section of your grill. Additionally, flipping each individual burger on the range can be time-consuming and may cause your patties to cook unevenly. Most standard grilling baskets can hold up to 12 burgers at a time, and you can sizzle and flip all of them at once with this handy device.

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