The Main Differences Between Three Varieties Of Mustard

When your easy cooking recipes call for a specific variety of mustard, it’s important to look closely and make sure you’re using the right one. Each type of mustard has a unique flavor profile that will contribute something to the dish, and if you’re serious about learning to cook, remembering the differences between the mustards in your fridge will help ensure that your dishes come out exactly as you hoped.

Dijon has a very sharp, spicy bite that many people enjoy. While other types of mustard use vinegar as a main base, traditional Dijon recipes use verjuice and wine to create its distinctive flavor.

Yellow mustard has a bright, vivid hue that comes from the addition of turmeric. This variety has a very mild flavor and is the most widely used mustard in the United States. In fact, in other parts of the world, this type is called “American mustard.”

Bordeaux mustard, which comes from France and Germany, is dark in color but traditionally has a milder taste than other varieties. You will notice strong vinegar notes in the flavor profile, as well as hints of tarragon and sugar.


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