Why You Should Make Your Own Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is a kitchen staple that is popular year-round, but is especially handy during the fall and winter season when hot soups make their way into culinary academy curriculums (and onto dinner tables) worldwide.

There are many store-bought options, but making your own stock is better for your health and your wallet. The Nourishing Gourmet listed several benefits for making this warm and welcoming kitchen essential from scratch:

  • Homemade means saving resources and money: Tossing out chicken bones is a terrible waste, especially when their properties can make excellent stock without any additional cost to you.
  • It’s better for your health: Making the most out of nutrition is one of the most important things you’ll learn in online chef courses, and making your own stock has a host of physical benefits. Bones are full of minerals and calcium that improve digestion, plus, homemade versions typically taste better and more authentic than store-bought brands.
  • Gives you more cooking expertise: Learning how to make your own broth can drastically improve your skills in making soups and sauces. Having your own stock on hand is not only more efficient, it will make you that much prouder of your dishes knowing that everything in the recipe was made by you.

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