3 Ideas to Make Avocado Amazing

Creamy and tasty, avocado makes a great addition to a variety of foods, from sushi to salad. Once you’ve removed the pit and scooped out the tasty bits, the fruit is ready for all of kinds of applications. Whether you opt for a simple, classic dish or something more daring, anyone who is taking culinary courses online will find there are plenty of great dishes to explore. If you picked up a couple avocados at the store and you’re not sure what to do with them, here are three delicious ideas:

1. Put a new spin on guacamole
It may be an obvious choice, but there’s no beating this beloved dip, especially when you’re kicking back on a warm day with a bag of tortilla chips. Plus there’s plenty of room to get creative and customize your own guacamole recipe.

The Kitchn suggested a take on guac that incorporates corn, pasilla chili peppers and tomatillo. Start by removing the seeds from the peppers and roasting them in the broiler. When the chilies are charred, cut them into pieces and combine with corn, cilantro, sliced scallions, chopped tomatillo, lime juice, cumin, salt and pepper in a bowl. Then, add the avocado, mashing it until you are happy with the texture.

Explore exciting variations on a classic guacamole.Explore interesting variations on a classic guacamole.

2. Don’t stop at avocado toast
Avocado on toast is another easy option that you can make your own. As Serious Eats pointed out, even if you don’t want to deal with a long cooking process, there are plenty of inventive ways to make the combination of bread and fruit more exciting. Lightly coat the bread with olive oil, toast it, throw on the slices of avocado and then experiment with different toppings.

If you love Buffalo wings, try throwing on some hot sauce and blue cheese. For those who favor Mexican-inspired tastes, go with cilantro, lime, cotija cheese and chipotle mayonnaise. You can also enjoy your avocado with ricotta, lemon zest, basil and olive oil.

3. Put it in the oven
When you’re ready for a less conventional approach to avocado, Stone Soup recommended roasting it. This method brings a little crispness to the fruit while retaining its distinctive flavor. Cut one into quarters before adding olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook the pieces in an oven set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Roasted avocado can be fantastic with cheese and chips or incorporated into a couscous salad.

Avocado brings unmistakable taste and texture a wide range of dishes. As you learn to cook in an online culinary arts program, you’ll find numerous ways to make this ingredient a welcome part of your meals.

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