How To Make Lemon Yogurt Chiffon

Light, airy, refreshing, deliciously sweet and dangerously sour, lemon yogurt chiffon is one of the best desserts to enjoy in the summer time. The light sweetness, tangy yogurt and bright citrus flavors come full circle in the dish, making it a balanced pudding of sorts that isn’t too sweet for taste buds. This composed dish also triples as a great breakfast, lunch and/or dinner option. No need to limit this little lady to a once a day dish when you can enjoy it all day long. Deliciously paired with sponge cake, muffins or some ladyfingers, lemon yogurt chiffon is easily one of the biggest and best multipurpose recipes you’re missing out on this summer.

In this amazing summer recipe, you learn to cook the bright and stimulating dish, Lemon Yogurt Chiffon. This very light, healthy and easy dish will compliment most any breakfast, lunch and/or dessert menu!

Lemon Yogurt Chiffon

6 eggs
7 oz sugar
6 lemons, juiced
6 sheets gelatin or 1 ¾ tbs granulated gelatin
32 oz plain, non-fat yogurt

  1. Whip eggs and sugar to 3x volume. While whipping, cover sheet gelatin in cold water or soak granulated gelatin in ¼ cup cold water.
  2. Add lemon juice and place over a double boiler, make sure water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl. Whisk constantly until thick and moundy. Add gelatin, mix to dissolve. Cool briefly on an ice bath.
  3. Add yogurt and pour into champagne flutes and refrigerate until cool and set 3-4 hours.

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