5 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Brownies

admin-ajax5 simple ways to enhance your brownies You can never go wrong with baking traditional chocolate brownies – there’s nothing not to love about a chewy, chocolaty brownie straight out of the oven. But the good news is, you can make America’s favorite dessert even more flavorful with these simple baking hacks:

Add seasonings
Cinnamon isn’t just for your latte. Seasonings and spices like cinnamon and chipotle powder will give your batch of brownies a special kick. Stick with about a teaspoon of each seasoning. Baking classes online can help you learn to combine seasonings with virtually any sweet treat.

Top them with frosting
Frosting makes cake even more delicious, so it makes sense that it would have the very same effect on your brownies. After your treats have come out of the oven and cooled, you can slather on some homemade chocolate frosting.

Chop up cookies
Whether your favorite cookies are Oreos or chocolate chip cookies, you can add them to your brownie mixture for the ultimate sweet treat. You can even use whole cookies in your brownies! All you have to do is pour half of your brownie batter in the pan, top with a layer of your cookies and then pour in the remaining batter.

Change their shape
Brownies don’t have to be cut in squares. In fact, they’ll taste the same using a mini muffin tin – plus this way, you get crispier edges and a deliciously chewy inside.

Add ice cream
Cookies get all the glory when it comes to ice cream sandwiches, but try putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two freshly baked brownies, and you’ll never go back. Use a shallow rimmed baking sheet for your brownies, and when they come out of the oven, add the ice cream, wrap them tightly in plastic and freeze.


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