How To Make A Mixed Drink

Learn how to make a long beach iced tea with Chef Mark. If you like this video and recipe please share using the links below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Long Beach Iced Tea Recipe


A Tall High ball glass
1.5-2 ounces (one shot) of vodka into the highball glass
1.5-2 ounces (one shot) of gin into the highball glass
3.5-4 ounces (two shots) cranberry juice
1 ounce (roughly half a shot) of triple sec into the highball glass
Orange wedge
1 oz.Cranberry juice to float


1. Fill glass completely to the top with cubed ice
2. Pour alcohol in order as described from above ingredient list
3. Add garnish of fruit and pour cranberry juice overall
4. Serve with stirrer.


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