3 Hour Sous-Vide Limoncello

Did you know a typical limoncello typically needs to sit for at least a month for it to be at its peak quality? If you’re anything like us, impatience is your middle name and waiting that long for a good spirit is nice in theory, not reality. Enter this genius trick. By using our Nomiku sous-vide machine, we were able to speed up the entire process by about a month without sacrificing quality. Cooking it low and slow let’s limoncello maintain its high alcohol content as well as helps the lemon flavors seep into every molecule. It’s a dream come true.

Learn how to make this easy breezy lemon squeezy sous-vide limoncello with our host. Limoncello in 3 hours? Genius! Interested in learning more? Take an online sous-vide course with Escoffier Online Culinary Academy!

Sous-Vide Limoncello Recipe

½ bottle Vodka, the good stuff like Grey Goose or Absolut
5 lemons
1 ½ cups water
1 cup sugar

Sous-vide limoncello in just 3 hours


1. Preheat water bath to 130F.

2. Using a vegetable peeler, remove peels from the lemon, making sure to get as little pith as possible. You can remove extra pith with a paring knife, if needed.

Lemon peels are a key ingredient for limocello

3. Place lemon peels, water and sugar in a large Ziploc bag. Add in the Vodka, work out the extra air in the bag, seal it and mix around the ingredients using your fingers.

Learn how to make limoncello

4. Place in the water bath and let cook for 3 hours.

Learn to cook limoncello in just 3 hours

5. When done, strain the vodka into a bottle or container using a fine colander. Refrigerate until cold, about 4 hours. Serve over ice or use in other cocktails. Store in the refrigerator up to one month.

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Special Thanks:

Talent: Lauren Nolan of lakeshorelady.com

Shot and edited by: Matt Rice

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