Naturally Flavoring Your Coffee Grounds

Uncommon ways to flavor your coffee. Whether you’re a professional chef, taking culinary school online or just one of the millions of people who need a caffeine rush every morning, you know that drinking the same coffee day in and out can become boring and repetitive. While chain restaurants and coffee franchises have made flavored coffee increasingly popular over the past several years, few people realize that they too can flavor coffee in the comfort of their own home. Take a look at some of these wonderful ideas for adding a bit of character and personality to your morning cup. After all, change can be a good thing.

Taking a tablespoon of cinnamon and mixing it evenly with your day’s coffee grounds can make for a cup that’s both bold and relaxing. This flavor seems most appropriate in autumn, but it’s equally delicious year round! Plus, putting the cinnamon directly into the coffee grinder with the beans will promote an even blend.

Vanilla coffee
While it may sound strange to some, mixing vanilla extract into your coffee grounds can lend your java a smooth and sweet taste that’s perfect for an after-dinner treat or to start your morning.

Fruit burst
A personal favorite for many, adding fruit or citrus flavorings into your morning coffee is one of the most versatile ways to alter its flavor. You can use nearly any fruit for this, and the process is remarkably simple. Take pieces of an orange rind, for example, and shave them down into small, thin strips. You can then take these strips and put them directly in your coffee grounds, so that brewing releases some of the natural fruit flavor.

This may be more of an acquired taste. According to The Kitchn, though, many people swear by putting butter in their morning coffee. The calorie heavy drink is said to provide energy and can even serve as a replacement for breakfast.


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