How To Peel Garlic Without A Knife

A staple in many dishes around the world, garlic is one of the most important ingredients you will work with as a blossoming chef. However, as much as everyone may love this essential bulb, let’s face it – getting into a head of fresh garlic is not exactly easy when you are learning to cook.

Not only is it incredibly difficult to get into the outer layers, your fingernails and hands will often smell like garlic for days. However, there is a way to get into this flavorful bulb in no time – and you don’t even need your knife, according to Saveur magazine.

What you’ll need:
2 deep bowls of equal size, made of a sturdy material like metal or pyrex
1 dry head of garlic

What to do:
Simply smash the head of garlic with your hand. Place the freshly broken cloves into one of the bowls, and then invert the other bowl onto the top of the first bowl. Make sure the rims where the bowls meet are secure, and then fiercely shake the bowls for about 10 to 20 seconds until the fresh garlic cloves have been released from their skins.

Voila! You will have fresh, peeled garlic for your simple recipes in no time – and you won’t even have to dirty a knife.

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