How To Perfectly Grill Corn On The Cob

As the harvest comes around, corn is overly abundant. Their sweet kernels have many uses these days, but one of the purest and most delicious ways to enjoy corn is to throw an ear on the grill and eat it straight off the cob. Soak the entire cob – including the shuck – in water overnight. This will prevent the shuck from burning when grilling. You can add salt or sugar to the water for some flavor. Place the entire cob on the grill using the shuck as a protective layer for the kernels. If you husk the corn and use foil to roast it, you run the risk of drying out the kernels. Turn the corn so it roasts evenly within the husk. You can husk the corn after it is done or leave it in the shuck for presentation and to keep it warm. In this video, Chef Mark will give you step-by-step cooking lesson for the perfect ear of corn. For more great cooking demonstration videos, subscribe to the LearnToCookOnline YouTube channel.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

6 corn in the husk
Salt and pepper, as desired
Softened butter for spreading as desired

1. Place corn in cold water enough to cover and soak overnight, this will allow the water to be absorbed by the husk and inhibit burning when placed on the grill. No worries about the silk it will burn off.
2. Place grill on med –to high heat
3. Drain corn, this should only take a few minutes
4. Oil grill bars and place corn on grill
5. Cover and cook until slight grill marks show in the one side this should take about 8 minutes to grill
6. Turn over continue grilling about an additional 8 minutes
7. Check an ear of corn to see if it is cooked to your liking, this process steams the corn, so sweet corn is desirable since you are not cooking them in seasoned water
8. Serve in husk , then when cooled you can husk them in front of the guests
9. Serve with salt/pepper and butter

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  1. Gaylon Rex Greger

    Mark knows how to grill!
    I really like the flag behind Chef; BUT by his grill there is a bottle of Gallo wine, that’s in the picture many times. No, No you should have a bottle of Sebastiani Winery Chardonnay!!! a MUST.

    I would be glad to supple you with a bottle of Sebastiani Winery Chardonnay at no charge. This way you can lower your budget and enjoy some REALLY good wine.

    Great shows!!!
    Cheers, Gaylon Rex Greger

  2. How hot and how long should it roast?

    • Medium/high heat

      Cover and cook until slight grill marks show in the one side this should take about 8 minutes to grill. Turn over continue grilling about an additional 8 minutes

  3. Oh yes I have heard of Sebastiani…..are they from Mendoza Valley in Argentina. “Tanos’ I think ..who migrated from Naples ?