4 Steps To The Perfect Omelet

4 steps to the perfect omelet

Omelets are loved for their light, delicious taste and their ability to be mixed with anything from cheese to vegetables. This tasty breakfast is also a healthy one, and is equipped with lots of protein. Keeping these egg-cellent tips in mind can help you whip up the perfect breakfast omelet:

Use a nonstick skillet

It’s essential that your omelet stay together during the cooking process, and this is difficult without a nonstick skillet. Having the right pan will ensure that your eggs don’t stick to the surface, turning your omelet into scrambled eggs.

Have the right tools

A wide spatula is best for making omelets, because it prevents you from tearing or ripping your eggs when folding them over. Having the right tools will make the process so much more smoothly.

Leave it be

It can be tempting to want to move around your eggs after pouring them in the pan, but you’ll want to leave them untouched for about 20 seconds. This will help the edges to set, allowing you to lift the edges with your spatula.

Opt for like ingredients

When choosing what foods you would like to add in your omelet, you’ll want to opt for ingredients that complement one another. For instance, chili powder might go better with ground beef than it does with shrimp. If you wouldn’t put the ingredients together in any other dish, you probably don’t want to mix them in your omelet either. An online egg course can help you put together ingredients that will pack a lot of flavor into this breakfast dish.


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