Frying Your Eggs Just Right

A perfectly fried egg is a simple but delicious breakfast.
A perfectly fried egg is a simple but delicious breakfast.

Frying an egg is a simple task and likely one of the first skills you developed when you began learning to cook. However, ensuring the egg is exactly how you like it can be more complicated. Here are some tips to follow so you are never disappointed when you throw a quick breakfast on the skillet:

1. Use separate bowls
If you want your eggs to be the perfect shape, it’s wise to crack them in separate custard bowls. As the Food Network pointed out, this will also help avoid ruining your breakfast with pieces of shell or broken yolks.

2. Cook in the right skillet
Keep your eggs from sticking by using a quality non-stick skillet or a seasoned cast-iron skillet. If you decide to use a stainless steel pan instead, make sure you add enough fat to compensate.

3. Choose your cooking fat
The fat you use to cook your eggs can make a huge difference in their flavor. Creamy, rich butter is the classic choice, of course. On the other hand, the Guardian mentioned that some chefs swear by olive oil’s fruity flavor to make your eggs a little more exciting.

4. Keep the heat under control
The Kitchn emphasized the importance of maintaining a medium temperature to avoid overcooking. If you are making your egg sunny side up, you can nicely cook the tops by adding a cover to trap heat.  If you prefer, flip the eggs to make them over easy instead.

5. Remain vigilant
How long you cook your eggs is up to your personal preference. However, you should always keep a close eye on them. Wait for the whites to set. If you prefer your yolks runny, remove the eggs from heat soon after that happens. For firmer yolks, keep them on the stove a couple minutes longer.

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