Regional Spotlight: New York Street Food

When visiting New York City, it is impossible to do and see it all in a single trip. In a city of 8.25 million people, the variety and creativity generate a constant buzz of activity. There are Broadway shows to attend, world renowned art museums to see, company headquarters to tour and endless landmarks to photograph like Strawberry Fields. Whatever brings you to New York, be sure to take a little time out of your busy agenda to make a pit stop at one of the many food vendors lining the streets day and night. During all that walking and sightseeing you will need a little extra energy along the way.

In a city where you can have whatever dish your imagination can conjure – at any hour of the day – it is difficult to pinpoint one genre of food that is more notable than the others. Every block is full of fine dining, greasy spoons, world famous delis and ethnic dives. The Big Apple has it all – and it’s not just confined to storefronts.

With the popular resurgence of food trucks, the desire for high-quality food on the go is more common than ever. Food trucks are no longer only for greasy, poor-quality late-night snacks. Some trucks use the highest quality ingredients and are delicious enough to put a four-star restaurant to shame. In New York City, you’ll find a vendor, food truck, or cart on every corner. Whether you’re grabbing some sugared almonds while taking a stroll through Central Park, or snacking on a good old New York hot dog, this is one city where you can truly find it all.

With the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the city reigning supreme, some of the best food trends come out of NYC. When you’re strolling through the city, stop by the Red Hook Lobster Truck, The Cinnamon Snail, Wafels & Dinges, Schnitzel & Things or Country Boys/Martinez Taco. Or check for where your favorite truck will be parked for the day. As you unpack your bag after you’ve returned from your trip you will definitely miss the convenience and creativity that the NYC street-food scene has to offer.

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