LearnToCook Easter Recipe Roundup

If you’re like us, Easter snuck up out of nowhere and you have no idea what you’re going to cook up. You could always go with the classics like ham and mashed potatoes or switch things up with lamb kabobs and quiche. We’ve compiled our list of go-to Easter recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Potatoes Au Gratin

The perfect side for splurging post-Lent, this dish pairs well with whatever you were planning on cooking up. Our recipe is super simple and the cooking video shows you each step.


Lamb Kabobs And Tzatziki Sauce

Mix things up for your Easter lamb with our kabobs and yummy tzatziki sauce! We recommend marinating the lamb overnight so every bite is packed with a punch of garlic and herbs.

French toast with cream cheese and pistachios

French Toast Casserole

Doing an Easter brunch instead of dinner? This French toast casserole is perfect because you can make it a day in advance and then pop it in the oven 30 minutes before eat time.

Homemade Easter eggs cupcakes

Coconut Cupcakes

We’re not sure when or how it happened that coconut became synonymous with Easter but we’re not complaining. Our favorite way to get our coconut fix is with these light, fluffy and totally addicting cupcakes.

egg english muffin

Eggs Benedict

You don’t get much more indulgent than hollandaise sauce, which makes eggs benedict the perfect Easter dish. Follow along with our recipe and we’ll show you have to master the mother of all mother sauces.

Pie quiche with leeks, cheese on linen tablecloth


No matter what time you do your Easter meal, quiche is the perfect addition to your spread. Whether you make mini versions as a starter or serve it by the slice, quiche is always a good choice.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Perhaps the greatest combination in the entire dessert world, chocolate and peanut butter shine together in pie form. This dessert recipe is perfect in every way: it’s easy, budget friendly, fast and absolutely scrumptious.

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