Shellfish Bake And Broil: Quality Indicators

Shellfish are a type of seafood that includes any shelled mollusk or crustacean that is typically harvested from saltwater but a few can be found in freshwater locations as well. Shellfish included oysters, clams, mussels, lobster, crabs and shrimp. These hard bodies can be removed from their shell or skeleton to reveal a tasty meat that is used in a variety of dishes. The seafood favorite makes for an extra special meal, but if you don’t frequently work with shellfish in your online short course you may not know what to look for when you go to purchase your mollusk or crustacean of choice.

To find the best ingredients to serve with your next meal, look for these quality indicators of fresh shellfish:

    • Shells of oysters, clams and mussels should be firmly closed, or close, when touched.
    • Shucked oysters should have a creamy-looking, plump meat in a clear or slightly milky liquid.
    • The shellfish should be odorless, or have a brine-like ocean smell. If there is a strong fish odor, they have likely turned.
    • Shrimp should firmly fill their shell and should not have blackened spots or feel slippery.
    • Gently tapping clams or oysters together will help you choose the ones that sound solid.
    • Live lobsters, crabs and crayfish should have clean shells with no dark blotches and feel heavy for their size.
    • Lobster’s tails should curl under when they are picked up.

Once you purchase your shellfish, be sure to prepare it all within 24 hours. You can store the fish in the refrigerator, allowing air to circulate through the plastic bag. Clams and oysters should be kept in a shallow dish in draped with a clean wet towel away from blowers in refrigerators. Be sure to keep shellfish chilled until they are ready to be cooked. Many people have shellfish allergies, so be sure to ask guests if they have any food allergies before inviting them to chow down.

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