Tool Spotlight: Blender

When you’re learning to cook, the array of kitchen appliances on the market may be overwhelming. Some gadgets seem like they would be more trouble than they are worth, and others are just outdated. But one appliance that every kitchen should have is a blender. It is easy to use and new models are more efficient than ever.

With advancing technologies, multipurpose blenders not only make perfect soups, drinks, sauces and dressings, but can also chop ingredients for salsas and slaws like a food processor. While a food processor still does some things better, you can typically get away with just a blender. In general, you can manually do the tasks of a food processor with the knife skills you are learning.

Blenders are a great shortcut to making labor-intensive emulsion sauces like vinaigrettes and hollandaise. Blenders quickly and thoroughly mix ingredients that would ordinarily require vigorous whisking to combine. They are also popularly used for making smoothies and frozen cocktails. If you invest in a high-power blender, it can easily crush ice and mill grains. The more power a blender offers, the finer texture it will be able to produce.

When buying a blender, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a quality tool. The main features that differentiate one blender from another are motor speed, controls and design. Many blenders on the market offer multiple speeds, but you really only need slow, medium, fast and pulse settings for most uses. And unless you will be displaying your blender on your countertop, the appeal of the design may not be a top concern, either.

Stock your kitchen with tools that will save time and make cooking fun. Look for a quality blender that allows you to both chop and create creamy dishes that will please the whole family.


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