Weekend Spotlight: Region: Alaskan Seafood

Alaska is a unique part of the United States. Separated from the continental U.S. by about 500 miles, Alaska remains a rugged terrain full of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Whether you want to visit Alaska to see Mount McKinley, plan a backpacking excursion or go on a fishing trip, you will be delighted with the beautiful scenery and delicious fresh seafood you encounter along the way.

Alaska’s cold water seafood has made a name for itself across the country and is enjoyed by many Americans. Although the seafood can be shipped across the nation, everything tastes better when it is truly fresh and enjoyed in the environment from which it comes. Many people are becoming conscious of being more closely connected to their food sources and Alaska is a beautiful place to do just that.

The state prides itself on its famous salmon and king crab, along with trout, northern pike and scallops. Because Alaska is in a far northern climate and has a very short growing season, seafood is an important culinary staple.  Most of the state’s food is transported in from the continental U.S., but fish is one item that is consistently less expensive within the state lines. Because a lot of Alaskan seafood is wild, it is able to grow at a natural pace and swim in its natural habitat. This natural process adds better flavor and nutritional content to each item.

If you plan on visiting Alaska, chances are you will have the opportunity to catch your own dinner. Fishing trips are a popular activity and Alaska offers fly-fishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and ice fishing. The experience can be as organized or as casual as you prefer. The pride of being able to catch and cook your own dinner is something many Americans no longer experience. Don’t miss out on the vast opportunities to connect with nature and enjoy life’s simple luxuries while visiting “The Last Frontier.”

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