How To Cook Cherries Jubilee

Try your hand at a dessert that is fit for a queen. Cherries Jubilee is made with cherries and brandy served over vanilla ice cream. The dessert was created for one of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations by Auguste Escoffier. Traditionally, cherries jubilee is flambéed, a cooking method that ignites the liquor to burn off the alcohol content before serving, which makes for quite a show. If you are not at the level in your cooking education where you are comfortable flambéing, you can still prepare this sweet treat without the theatrics. The alcohol cooks down in this dish so feel free to have a glass of brandy alongside your dessert. In this video, Chef Susie provides a comprehensive online cooking lesson for cherries jubilee. For more great cooking demonstration videos, subscribe to the LearnToCookOnline YouTube channel.

Cherries Jubilee Recipe

2 15 oz. cans whole Bing cherries
2 tablespoons sugar
1 ½ tablespoons cornstarch
¼ cup orange juice
¼ cup brandy
2 pints vanilla ice cream

1. In a small bowl combine the sugar and corn starch, add the orange juice and some of the cherry juice.
2. In a skillet heat the rest of the cherry juice, add the corn starch mixture . When the juice thickens gently stir in the cherries. Carefully pour in the liquor, standing back a little in case the liquor flames right away, then flame to burn off the liquor, remove from heat.
3. Scoop vanilla ice cream into dessert dishes and spoon cherries over the ice cream and serve.

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