Dish Spotlight: Chicken Pot Pie

When you think of classic country cooking, does hearty chicken pot pie come to mind? The buttery, flakey crust encompasses the hot, rich chicken concoction and makes for a filling meal. On a cold winter day, this comfort food warms the heart and soul. Chicken soup may cure a cold, but chicken pot pie is a quick fix for the winter blues.

The dish was popular in 16th century England where guests of banquets frequently consumed it. While the pies are no longer as celebratory as they once were, many still enjoy them. Pies can be made in single-serving sizes or served from a larger typical-sized pie.

The filling of a pot pie will vary from chef to chef. Most fillings, though, closely resemble a stew and contain shredded chicken, carrots, peas, potatoes, onions and a thick stock. Chefs can alter the ingredients or create a flavor combination all their own. A popular take is a chicken curry filling that gives a little spice to the mix. Another tasty flavor to add is fresh rosemary and sage for an aromatic surprise.

Pot pies do not stop at chicken. Some are made with beef, wild game or even ham. Many variations of savory pies are enjoyed all across the world. In some regions, the pastry contains generally the same ingredients but gets folded over like a calzone instead of baked as a pie. Some American versions of the pot pie are also made in a casserole dish with no bottom crust, only the top. This version is easier to serve to a large crowd and takes the time out of making individual pies for each diner.

Whether you need a little comfort, or just a hearty meal, try making a chicken pot pie to share with your loved ones next time the temperature drops.

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