Traditional And Regional Soups: Stew

beef_stew It is that perfect time of year for an online soup course. As the weather cools down and winter creeps in, our bodies start craving the hearty root vegetables and soul-warming feeling that a big bowl of stew provides. With root vegetables in abundance, stews allow chefs to take advantage of seasonal flavors. The hearty tubers like potatoes, turnips and carrots give the stew great texture and a filling base that marries well with other flavors. Because stews can be set in a crock pot and left to cook during the day, they are great recipes for busy families. The longer the mixture simmers, the more flavorful it will become and the easier dinner is for you. Just put the prepped ingredients in a crock pot in the morning and when you return from a long day at work, dinner is ready.

Stews are similar to soups, but they generally have less broth and require a longer cook time over low heat. Stews are easy and affordable. Many cooks use the least tender cuts of meats because the meat becomes tender and juicy while it cooks in the broth. Because stews cook for a long time, some marbling in the meat will also help to prevent it from drying out. While stews can be made from light meats, beef stew is the most common and has become very popular all over the world. Because stew is such a versatile dish, each culture makes it unique to its taste and available ingredients.

In Argentina, stew is a staple dish that is easy to make and keeps working men energized throughout the day. Popular varieties include Carbonada Criolla, or stew served in a pumpkin shell – using the pumpkin meat as an ingredient. The ingredients of stew will vary depending on what the cook has on hand, but a hearty bowl of stew always pairs well with a bed of rice or crunchy, fresh bread. Whether you are in Argentina or Alabama, you can appreciate the comfort of a warm bowl of stew as the seasons change and the flavors shift with them.

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