How To Fillet Salmon

You always see them. Laying on beds of ice next to the perfectly cut fillets that are often already marinated, seasoned or stuffed. The whole fish of varying kinds that beckons customers to go ahead and take them home for some good cookin’. There are a lot of reasons it’s good for any chef or homecook to learn how to butcher their own fish, in this instance salmon. One, you get a lot more for your money. The cost of what it took to already butcher those perfectly sliced, sized and deboned fillets you often bring home are worked into the price. With a whole fish, you get to pay the bargain price and you get a lot more meat out of it. Plus, even if you aren’t going to eat all of that meat, we all know that fish freezes incredibly well. This gives you a fresh product that you know is free of additives and that you know where it came from and the hands that handled it—your own. Third, by butchering it yourself you get the freshest fish you can get in a supermarket without having caught it yourself. Need we say more?

In this online cooking class we teach you how to butcher a whole salmon. Get the most out of your meat with this amazing culinary technique!

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