Regional Spotlight: Boston

Boston is right at the root of American history. Millions of visitors flock to the city every year to see the rustic brick architecture, watch the champion sports teams, or take a ride on the swan boats. Just because there are so many sites to see and so much culture to take in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time to slowly enjoy the fine cuisine of the city.

Boston cuisine is similar to the larger regional cuisine of New England. But a few specialties are unique to the city. When multiple foods mention their city of origin in the dish name, you know it has to be done best in that city. Boston makes an appearance in a few namesake dishes like Boston baked beans and Boston cream pie. These dishes are made across the nation, but if you’re in the city you have to have at least one.

Boston baked beans are a sweet concoction made from slowly baking navy beans with molasses or maple syrup and salt pork or bacon. Many recipes call for onion and Dijon mustard as well. If you plan on making Boston baked beans when you return home, be sure you have plenty of time to spare. These tasty baked beans take their sweet time while cooking. You will have to wait for at least three to four hours before you can enjoy your beans. So not only does it feel right to eat the dish in Beantown, it will save you a lot of time to just order them off a menu.

Another treat to indulge in while visiting the city is the decadent Boston cream pie. This rich sponge cake – yes it’s technically not a pie – is filled with custard or cream and frosted with chocolate. This gooey dessert is marked by the rich pastry cream that fills the cake made from eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and cornstarch. The icing is also important to the quality of the pie. While it may look like icing, the thick chocolate is even better as a ganache made from chocolate and cream. Whether you are enjoying the pie as an end to a dinner or as an afternoon snack with coffee, be sure to give a nod to the city after you take the last bite.

When visiting Boston, be sure to get all the culture and history you can – but don’t forget to indulge in the food as well. Whether you go for the larger regional cuisine or the namesake dishes of the city, your taste buds will feel as educated as you will once you’ve toured the city.

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