Shellfish Bake And Broil: Fresh or Frozen?

shellfishYou’re planning on making a special meal and are changing things up by putting shellfish on the menu instead of a steak. Shellfish are a great option that many people overlook when cooking at home in their online short course. Although it takes a different skill set, cooking seafood is not overly complicated and will impress all of your guests with a fine-dining quality meal at home. Shellfish offer omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals while remaining low in fat and cholesterol. But if you are not familiar with shellfish, you may not know what to buy when you make your way to your local grocery store.

The first decision you need to make is whether to go with fresh or frozen seafood. Fresh has the unbeatable flavor and, well, freshness, that you just can’t find in the freezer aisle, but if the shellfish aren’t properly stored or cared for then they can spoil and completely ruin the quality. Fresh seafood should be enjoyed fish close to the source and, unless the shellfish is alive, should only be stored for an absolute maximum of two days. Frozen seafood can also spoil if the fish thaws during transport – but it is far less likely. To thaw seafood you can place it in the refrigerator overnight or immerse the items in water in a sealed plastic bag. If you want to prepare lobster or crab but you’re not ready to cook the crustacean live, you will have to purchase a pre-cooked one. They spoil quickly after they die, so it is best to only buy them live if you are preparing them yourself.

Whether you choose to buy your seafood fresh or frozen, be sure that you are getting high-quality items. Cooking your seafood will kill any harmful microorganisms, but it is best to start with a quality ingredient that will offer the best flavor and nutritional value to your meal.

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