Cooking 101: How To Clean and Devein Shrimp

shrimpWhen you’re learning to cook, basic kitchen skills are the first tasks you will need to master. For those who love seafood, knowing the proper way to peel and devein shrimp in a safe way is one of the most important parts of cooking 101 that you can try out. Follow these steps to clean your shrimp in a quick, effective manner:

1. As you’re working with them, keep shrimp in a bowl of ice or ice water. This will prevent them from becoming warm and potentially¬†unsafe to eat.

2. Pull off the head and legs of the shrimp, if they are still attached.

3. Starting near the head, carefully pull off the outer shell – whether or not you choose to leave on the bottom segment near the tail depends on how you plan to present the shrimp.

4. Using a small knife, cut a slit one-quarter inch deep along the shrimp’s back to get to the vein.

5. With the tip of the knife or your fingers, pull out the vein and discard it.

6. Use your fresh, clean shrimp in your favorite seafood recipes!

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