Cooking With Different Types Of Fish

With many people in international culinary schools wanting to focus on more lean protein options for their menus, fish will undoubtedly come across your curriculum at one point or another.

As delicious and popular as fish is, it’s important to know that not all of these swimming species are the same, so they will require different methods and preparations. Whether you’re including fish in an appetizer, including it in a salad or showing it off as your main course, learning about how to prepare different popular fish is an important skill that you need to learn as a student in online culinary school. broke down some easy ways to prepare classical favorites:

Whitefish: Light and flaky, whitefish is used in everything from fish tacos to poached New England dishes. Whitefish is very popular in North America and is perfect in a variety of preparations, including frying, grilling baking, broiling and poaching.

Salmon: This migratory fish is high in healthy omega-3s and is popular as a main course. It’s tender, rich and steak-like, making it perfect for a variety of preparations, including smoked, grilled or poached.

Tuna: Found in temperate and tropical waters, tuna is a popular dish worldwide. Very flavorful and flaky, you can do what you want with this fish. Fresh, frozen or canned, there are several recipes you can work around tuna

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