Advanced Knife Skills

Any chef will tell you that knife skills are the end all be all of being a good chef.

To be a great chef, you’ve got to have those advanced knife skills down. It’ll make your prep time easier, it’ll make your meals better and it’ll visually appease the eyes of all who gaze upon your culinary masterpieces. But beyond that, learning proper knife skills and cuts gives you an edge above many other chefs in the work places.

The ability to decipher the difference between a bias-round and a paysanne plus the ability to execute these cuts helps make any person a more experienced chef capable of many different stylish plates. Being able to execute any cut quickly makes for a much smoother and faster cooking experience, something every chef is always striving for.

In this online cooking class, we teach you how to do many different advanced knife cuts. Learning how to do the more difficult ones will lead to more intriguing dishes!


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