Cooking Basics: How To Crimp And Flute Pie Crusts

If you find yourself uttering the phrase “I want to learn how to cook,” basic kitchen how-to’s are the first skills you will need to master. In baking, understanding cooking tips and tricks is as important as the recipes themselves. Before you make your next pie from scratch, take a look at these two ways to make beautiful, professional-looking pie crusts:

Flute the edges
Fluting the edges of your pie crust will require the use of both of your hands. First, lay the unbaked bottom crust into the pie pan. Then, use the thumb of one hand to gently press the crust into a crease created by the tips of the thumb and index finger of your other hand. This will create a wave-like pattern on the edge of your pie. For a more rustic look, try fluting with one hand for less symmetrical ridges.

Crimp the edges
If you’re going to be placing a top crust over your pie, you can opt to crimp the edges instead. For this technique, simply lay the raw pie crust into the pan and use a fork to press down the outer edges. This will make it easier for the top and bottom crusts to stick together during the baking process.

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