Cooking Basics: What You Need To Know About Poaching

Often considered the most underused method in basic cooking today, poaching is a great way to include flavor and texture into your cooking recipes. Whether you’re making eggs for breakfast, preparing meats or even a sweet, fruity dessert, mastering poaching can give you an edge in the kitchen.

What is poaching?
Poaching is a gradual, gentle cooking method that uses low heat to cook more delicate ingredients. Unlike other methods, poaching is very healthy because it uses a liquid, rather than an oil or fat, to heat and prepare food. The liquid should stay between 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which will look like a very light simmer in a saute or sauce pan.

What liquids can I use?
Depending on your recipe, you can poach your ingredients in broth, water, sweet wine or even milk.

What foods can I poach?
Poaching is a versatile style of preparation that can be used in almost every meal. Eggs, fish, white meat chicken and fruit – like pears or apples – all poach very well. Vegetables and tougher meats like steak are not ideal for poaching.

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