How To Grate Vegetables And Cheese

There’s going to be a time during the preparation of one of your cooking recipes where you may have to grate vegetables and cheese. This technique is especially common with salads, sandwiches and Italian dishes.

These ingredients are cut this way so that they can be very thin and well-incorporated into your dish. Cole slaw, for example, won’t have the same texture and consistency if the cabbage, carrots and other items are not grated properly. Likewise, tomato-based sauces in Italian cooking just wouldn’t be the same without freshly grated parmesan cheese on top.

As you get more advanced in your cooking basics, you will quickly learn that there are two ways to grate vegetables efficiently. You can either use a food processor or a cheese grater.

If you use a cheese grater, be mindful that there are different hole sizes on the utensil, so it’s important to read the recipe correctly to make sure you are using the right edge of the grater. Also – watch your fingers!

For food processors, it’s best to just stick with veggies. Make sure to peel the outside layers of vegetables first so that the machine doesn’t get jammed. Then, be sure to cut the veggies into smaller units so that the cuts are distributed evenly.

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