How To Julienne A Bell Pepper

As you are coming along in your cooking basics, there is no doubt that you will eventually need to learn how to core and julienne a bell pepper.

Many ethnic recipes and even sides to dips for appetizers usually call for julienne cooking tips, so make sure to grab a knife, wash your peppers thoroughly and go along with these instructions from Bon Appetit magazine to slice a pepper in julienne fashion:

1. Using your knife, cut off the top and bottom of your pepper and remove its core. Make sure to discard the seeds, as their spiciness can alter the flavor of your dish.

2. Hold the pepper upright and cut a slit down one of its sides.

3. Spread the pepper out lengthwise with the skin side down – this is called “flattening.” Slowly move your blade parallel to the pepper’s inner membrane to remove the ribs.

4. Cut matchstick-size strips starting with the short end and working your way down. If your recipe calls for even smaller pieces, simply cut them in half.

Voila! You now have a perfect julienned bell pepper that is ready for your favorite simple recipes and dips.

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