How To Seed A Chili Pepper

If you’re looking to kick things up a notch in your online chef programs, recipes with chili peppers are a great way to add some zing to an average dish.

These vegetables are a staple in many ethnic cuisines, including Thai, Mexican and Indian, so chances are you are going to have to learn how to core and seed a pepper as you’re getting more advanced in online culinary school classes. Most of peppers’ heat comes from the seeds, according to Cookthink LLC. Removing the white ribs and seeds from jalapeno, serrano or habenero peppers can give you more control of how spicy your dish will be.

To start, cut the pepper in half starting at the stem and working your way down. If you need halves or lengthwise slices for a dish, then it’s best to scoop out the inside. However, if you are looking for chopped peppers, now is the time to slice the pepper into quarters.

Then, hold each quarter by hand, positioning the vegetable parallel to the cutting board. Slice the white ribs and seeds off by moving your knife horizontally. Move your knife vertically down at the end to remove the stem, and you have a de-seeded pepper.

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