Kitchen Basics: How To Cut And Pit An Avocado

If you’re new to the kitchen and your simple recipes call for avocado as an ingredient, there are cooking tips you can follow to make peeling and pitting this vegetable a breeze. Follow these instructions to tackle an avocado without making a mess:

1. Using a stainless steel (or other very sharp) knife, cut the avocado in half lengthwise, making sure your slice goes all the way in to the pit.
2. Twist the halves in opposite directions to separate into two separate parts. The pit will be stuck in one of the halves.
3. Take your sharpened knife and carefully lodge it into the pit by hitting it firmly. Gently rotate the knife, and your pit should twist out easily.
4. Place the avocado half on your cutting board and make slices to – not through – the skin.
5. Peel the skin back slowly for uniform, firm slices of avocado!

There are many uses for avocado in the kitchen, and now that you know how to handle them, you can incorporate this healthy ingredient into your weekly menus. Try making homemade guacamole or adding slices of avocado to your hamburger for a unique flavor and texture.


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