Kitchen basics: The best way to cut an onion

onionsOnions are a flavorful staple in many recipes, but if you don’t know the proper way to cut them, you can be left with teary eyes and an unattractive presentation. As you begin your cooking education, try testing out these tips for effectively cutting an onion:

The right knife
When you dice or chop an onion, using the right knife is essential. To get concise, clean cuts, try using a chef’s knife rather than a serrated knife. Chef’s knives are those with flat blades that slice easily, while serrated knives have blades with ridges that make it easy to grip and slice through softer foods like a crusty loaf of bread.

A tip from the masters
To dice an onion like a pro, first grab your knife and cut it in half vertically through the root. Peel off the papery outer layers and lay the half down flat on your cutting board. Place your hand firmly on top of the onion and make horizontal cuts – starting near the flat side – in toward the root without slicing completely through. Next, holding it firmly in place, make vertical cuts into the onion without slicing completely, with the tip of your knife facing the root of the onion. Finally, turn your onion 90 degrees and make crosswise slices to create diced pieces. As the root of the onion is still in tact, it will be easy to grip the vegetable as you cut it and discard this inedible portion. Repeat with the other half of the onion.


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