Tips For Healthy Family Snacking

Making healthy snacks for you and your family is one of the best ways to get a grasp on cooking 101. Not only will these simple recipes help tide you over until your next meal,  they can also promote a healthy lifestyle and help your children make better food decisions!

Snacking is an important part of a child’s day because it can help curb hunger, but mindless eating can encourage your kids to overdo it before dinnertime. To promote nutritious snacking, the Mayo Clinic offered up a few helpful tips.

For starters, it’s probably best to keep junk food out of your pantry and fridge. Not only will this keep unhealthy foods out of sight, it will lead to better decisions in the long run.

Try snacks that are a little unusual, but still tasty enough to broaden your child’s taste buds. Try simple recipes with pineapple, mangoes, red or yellow peppers, and soy nuts for starters.

Make it fun! Use cookie cutters to cut out low-fat cheese slices for crackers, use chopsticks for picking up pieces of fruit or help your kids spell out words with pretzel sticks.

Create a snack zone. Keeping snacks in the kitchen will discourage your kids from mindlessly eating while they watch television.

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