Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Use Ground Beef In Your Cooking

out of the box ways to use ground beef in your cookingWe’re traditionally drawn to ground beef as a reserve for hamburgers and taco meat. While there’s nothing wrong with this, ground meat has much more potential than many think and can dress up any dish with flavor. Here are some unique ways to incorporate this common food:

Sloppy joes
Sloppy joes are something that is easy to make and generally appeals to all ages. The flavors of the hamburger meat take center stage and the tomato-based sauce offers a slight sweetness that pairs well with the ground beef. A splash of cider vinegar can add a final touch to bring out each and every flavor of the dish. Make sure you opt for hamburger rolls that are soft and spongy – perfect for soaking up the delicious sauce.

Autumn is just around the corner, which means hearty stews and flavorful chilis will be gracing dinner tables everywhere. Ground beef makes for a rich addition to any chili and can be made in a variety of ways. Spices like cinnamon and cocoa can be great ingredients to add – they bring out the taste of the meat. Try browning your ground beef for a savory dish.

Recreate this childhood favorite with ground beef and all of the accompanying ingredients necessary for a flawless meatloaf: chopped carrots, parsley and caramelized onions. Joining a culinary arts program can help you concoct the perfect meatloaf. Pair your creation with some mashed potatoes for a dish that is sure to please.

Swedish meatballs
This Scandinavian favorite relies on ground beef and is often accompanied by noodles for a quick and delicious dish. Plus, the meatballs can easily be frozen and reheated for a meal whenever you don’t have the time to make an extravagant meal.

Shepherd’s pie
It doesn’t get any more basic or tasty than meat and potatoes. It’s a hearty dish that is perfect to make for large family get-togethers. It was first served to peasants working long days in the potato fields in sheep meadows of England and Scotland. But even today, it’s still a popular meal. Pair a dark ale with your shepherd’s pie for an infusion of flavors that complement one another.

Stuffed cabbage
Ground beef, along with a few additional ingredients, is the perfect ingredient to fill cooked cabbage leaves. This dish is common to the ethnic cuisines of the Balkans, as well as other parts of Europe – like Sweden and Finland – and the Middle East. Shallots, black pepper, thyme, breadcrumbs and onions are other seasonings to amp up the flavor of each stuffed cabbage.

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