How To Make Boozy Hot Chocolate

Want to have a little fun with hot chocolate? This adult version of your favorite childhood winter drink does just that. We stick to the original recipe of milk, sugar and chocolate but add a bit of a twist with some cinnamon, vanilla extract and, of course, rum. If you’re not a fan of liquor you can keep it out or minimize the suggested recipe amount. Otherwise, mix it all up in a saucepan and serve it hot with some of your favorite cookies. Thinking about throwing a holiday party? This drink can be whipped up in minutes and left on a low simmer for patrons to help themselves to throughout the night which means you can spend more time having fun and less slaving away in the kitchen!

Without further adieu, we introduce you to our infamous boozy hot chocolate recipe. Once you learn how to cook this version, you’ll never go back!

Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipe


4 cups milk
8 oz dark chocolate
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp rum, preferably dark

Boozy Hot Chocolate


1. Heat the milk over medium low heat in a medium size saucepan. Break the chocolate into pieces and add into the milk as well as the sugar and the cinnamon.

Hot chocolate

2. Once all the chocolate is melted, add in the vanilla while whisking constantly. Do the same while adding in the rum, one tablespoon at a time. If you would like it sweeter, add in more sugar one tablespoon at a time. Serve in your favorite mug!

Hot Chocolate

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Want a non-boozy drink check out this stovetop hot chocolate!

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