Eat Better On A Budget

If you have been to the grocery store or market, chances are you’ve encountered sticker shock more than once, even when produce is typically cheaper in the summer. It’s a strange irony that so many of the foods that are better for a balanced diet end up being the most expensive.

However, you can save money and still work toward your chef programs by making delicious and healthy meals with these tips and tricks:

Plan meals ahead of time
Having a set grocery list can keep you from wandering into the potato chip and cookie aisles, which are delicious but not exactly the healthiest. This can also help you budget your bank account better because you will already have a rough idea of how much you plan to spend before you head to the store.

Don’t buy prepackaged salad mix
Although it may be tempting to reach for these easy-to-use packages, it’s a lot cheaper to purchase heads of lettuce and leafy greens and make your own mix. Besides, many of the prepackaged goods tend to wilt and become slimy more quickly.

Grow your own fresh herbs
There’s no doubt that fresh herbs can make or break a dish in your online cooking classes. However, purchasing them at the store can cost you an arm and a leg. Growing herbs in your windowsill or backyard is easy, convenient and a whole lot less expensive. As an added bonus, they make a very nice kitchen decoration, too.

Take advantage of sales
When you see healthy staple items on sale that won’t go bad – think olive oil, nuts, pasta, canned beans and vinegars – go ahead and stock up! You know that you are going to use them as you become more experienced in your culinary academy classes, plus it will save you a bundle.

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  1. Yours is a clever way of thikning about it.

  2. You really made it sound so easy. I love the pork buns. I think the flatter ones you made are perfect. Makes the filling stand out. Great picture with the hand shot holding the bun too.

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