Regional Spotlight: Wisconsin

Aside from amazing water parks, beautiful lakes and family friendly cities, Wisconsin boasts some of the best cheese in the United States. In the heart of dairyland, the first Wisconsin cheese factory opened in 1841 and has been producing cheese ever since. Now there are approximately 11,000 dairy farms across the state. If you consider yourself a cheese coinsurer – or just a cheese head – you may want to take a trip to America’s dairyland and see what it has to offer.

As you plan your trip to the state, be sure to include the Carr Valley Cheese plant in your itinerary. The plant, located in central Wisconsin, is one of America’s finest. Using fresh local dairy, the plant creates 100 delicious cheese varieties. Start by choosing from sheep’s, goat’s, or cow’s milk cheeses and then delve into the seemingly endless varieties within each. Where ever you plan to visit in the state, it is likely that you will be near a cheese factory. So don’t miss the opportunity to take a tour – or just a taste. The state is also well known for beer making, so you don’t have to worry about finding something to wash down all that cheese.

You simply cannot leave the state without trying is Wisconsin favorite: the cheese curd. Everywhere you turn, somewhere will be selling these bite sized treats. While the name might be a little off-putting to those who have never tried them, locals swear by them, and the “squeakier” the better. These cheese bites are so common in the state because of the abundance of cheese factories. The curds are made fresh daily and should be eaten within hours of making to maintain their freshness. If you are more of the mozzarella stick fan, take a bite into deep fried cheese curds, and you will surely be converted.

Whether you eat it straight off the block, with fruit, a charcuterie plate, or melted between two slices of perfectly toasted bread, your taste buds will never be the same. One taste of freshly made Wisconsin cheese and you’ll be hooked. No matter what type of cheese is your favorite, you are sure to find it in Wisconsin.

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