Step Up Your Grilled Cheese

Some added touches will breathe new life into your grilled cheese.Grilled cheese is one comfort food that is exceptionally fast and easy to prepare. After all, you just need a couple slices of bread, butter and cheese. Still, as you learn how to cook, you may find room to try out some new and enticing variations on the classic sandwich. Try out these ideas to add some excitement to your next quick snack:

Experimenting with bread
You can just use white bread if you prefer, but why not get more adventurous with your textures and tastes? Serious Eats suggested sliced ciabatta, sourdough, or a French boule. Grilled cheese is a great way to use up day-old bread that has grown slightly stale, as the cooking process will leave it pleasantly crispy.

Mixing up the cheese
There is certainly nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional American cheese, Monterey Jack or cheddar. However, you can bring delicious and unique flavors to the table by trying other kinds of cheese. Food Network presented unconventional options like Gruyere, goat cheese, pepper jack, mozzarella or a combination of Muenster and blue cheese. Keep in mind that if you use a soft or crumbly cheese that resists melting, you should pair it with another that will provide the right gooey results.

Whatever type of cheese you select, you should choose grating over slicing. As the Kitchn explained, grated cheese will melt faster and more evenly. That way the cheese and bread are ready at the same time, resulting in a perfectly grilled sandwich.

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The best cooking method

No matter how experimental you are with the ingredients, making grilled cheese remains a straightforward process. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a skillet and sprinkle salt to give the sandwich’s exterior some seasoning. Bon Appetit suggested instead adding tanginess to the bread by spreading on mayonnaise.

Cook two slices of bread in the butter at medium-low heat, and then flip over and add cheese. Continue grilling until the cheese is nicely melted and the bread is browned. Serve the tasty sandwich immediately, and enjoy your added touches.

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