Easy Superbowl Party Bites

Who wants the hassle of complicated recipes when you could be watching the Puppy Bowl? Not us. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our
favorite easy apps that are all you need for your get together. From chip dips to wings, these dishes can be whipped up in record time so you can spend more time cheering on your Superbowl pick.

Easy Game-Day Wingscup with guacamole and corn chips - traditional Mexican appetizer
Football and hot wings go together like Dan Marino and Isotoners. This simply recipe lets you enjoy
all the flavors without all the hassle.

Classic Guacamole
A couple of vegetables, a handful of cilantro, some chopping and mashing and you have yourself a big ol’ bowl of the good stuff. Pair with a bag of your favorite tortilla chips and dig in.

Loaded Potato Skins
Also known as a party in your mouth, loaded potato skins are definitely a reason to break that post-New Years diet you’ve been trying out.
Topping options include, but are certainly not limited to; cheese, sour cream, bacon, salsa, green onions and guacamole.

Lumpia AKA Filipino Egg Rolls
Meat and veggies that have been wrapped up and deep fried to beautiful oblivion. Need we say more? Serve with a spicy peanut or sweet & sour dipping sauce for the ultimate finger food.

509659021Restaurant-Style Salsa
Want to know why we love salsa? Because all you have to do is throw some stuff in a blender and press go. Make it a couple of hours in advance and then break it out before game time.

Baked Root Veggie Chips
I know. We said veggies. But if you had a bite of these, you would know we didn’t just throw our hands up and Hail Mary. These things are easy, good and-gasp!-healthy.

Mini Po Boy Sandwiches
Take this recipe, buy small shrimp, cut smaller pieces of bread and you have a craving-inducing Cajun treat. Just don’t forget the remoulade. It’s what ties it all together!

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