3 Creative Ways to Integrate Fresh Mint Into Your Cooking

3 creative ways to integrate fresh mint into your cookingAs the seasons change, so does your palate! It’s time to move away from heavy dishes and concentrate on summer meals that are fresh, light and delicious. One tasty way to dress up your dishes is by adding fresh mint. This ingredient can be used for a whole lot more than crafting mojitos. Here are a few ways to incorporate fresh mint into your cooking:

Ice cream
Mint chocolate chip ice cream anyone? You can make this treat right at home – simply round up the necessary ingredients like whole milk, sugar, salt, eggs, heavy cream and, of course, fresh mint leaves. You may even want to buy more mint than the recipe calls for so that you can have enough to garnish your chilled dessert.

Mint perfectly complements broiled chicken – throw fresh mint into a marinade alongside cumin and lemon for a refreshing way to enhance the flavor of your chicken. When you earn an online culinary arts certificate, you can learn how to whip up a number of creative marinades for your chicken.

Dress up any pasta dish with a delicious homemade pesto sauce. But don’t make the sauce without fresh mint leaves. Combine mint, garlic, pine nuts, lemon zest and juice, oil and some Parmesan cheese in a food processor to create a smooth and creamy pesto.


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