How To Make A Fresh Pesto Sauce

If you have a backyard garden, one thing you are probably not running low on is basil. The fresh herb grows prolifically during the summer and has many uses. If you have a large supply of fresh basil, don’t let those leaves go to waste.  Make a delightful pesto sauce from your garden and use it on pasta, sandwiches, fresh bread, or as a dressing on chicken. Pesto is easy to make and if you make a large batch in the summer you can freeze the extra to break out in the dead of winter. The taste of summer will instantly warm you up. To make pesto simply combine all your ingredients in a food processor and let it do the work. You can add or subtract ingredients to make your perfect pesto. Some cooks like to add extra pine nuts as a garnish or make it a little cheesier. Some even add red pepper to give it a little kick. In this video, Chef Mark provides an online cooking lesson for making a perfect fresh pesto sauce. For more great cooking demonstration videos, subscribe to the LearnToCookOnline YouTube channel.

Pesto Sauce Recipe

5 oz. basil leaves, washed and dried
1 clove of garlic, peeled
1 oz. of toasted pine nuts, can add more if you like a nuttier taste
2 oz. freshly grated Reggiano parmesano
1 oz of EV olive oil

1. In a food processor with the blade pulse the basil, garlic, pine nuts and cheese
2. Scrape down bowl to mix all ingredients
3. Pulse again and then stream in oil
4. The consistency classically is like a mayonnaise, spreadable
5. Refridge until needed and whisk into a white sauce

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