Boost Your Recipes With Coconut Oil

One of the most effective ways to give your favorite recipes you’ve learned in online cooking courses is to use coconut oil. Delicious, tropical and uniquely versatile in a wide range of dishes, this rich oil could be your new favorite fat to cook with!

U.S. News and World Report offered up some great ways to take your next culinary academy meal to the next level with coconut oil:

Give your veggies a sizzle
If you’ve grown tired of saut​eeing your favorite vegetables in olive oil, try cooking them with coconut oil for an exotic kick. The source also recommended cooking sliced bananas with coconut oil, then sprinkling the fruit with cinnamon for a nutritious dessert.

Increase the flavor of fish
We all know how boring a simple filet of fish can be without some added ingredients. The source recommended cooking your next seafood dish with coconut oil, garlic, salt and a little ginger powder to amp up the subtle flavor.

Baked goods
Once coconut oil is melted, it’s a fantastic substitute for vegetable oil or butter. With it’s all-natural flavors, it will lend plenty of moisture to your favorite baked goods.

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