Tool Spotlight: Kitchen Shears

While at first thought you may find it silly to buy a separate pair of scissors for the kitchen, would you really want to use the same pair of scissors to cut herbs and meats that you use to cut paper and fabric? Keep your kitchen tools in the kitchen and invest in a quality pair of kitchen shears. If you don’t have a pair already, stop by your favorite kitchen supply store and pick up a pair. They are relatively inexpensive and you can even find a decent pair for less than $10.

When shopping for a new pair, look for solid kitchen shears that will last. You will be surprised how often you use your shears and how much they simplify your cook time. Shears are often made from stainless steel so they do not stain or rust and they are dishwasher safe. Most shears come apart at the hinge for easy and thorough cleaning.

Whether you are opening a pesky package or cutting fresh herbs into fine pieces for a sauce, you will instinctively grab your new kitchen shears and wonder how you got by without them. You don’t want to use your good knives for opening packages where you could accidentally cut yourself or dull your knives, so kitchen shears aren’t only convenient, they’re practical. They also come in handy if you don’t have a pizza cutter. They quickly and precisely cut pieces without a mess.

Pick a pair of shears that will do the jobs you most frequently encounter. Some shears come with bone crushers to help cut apart whole poultry, but if you always buy de-boned, you may want to save the money and skip that feature. Also, look for ones with a comfortable handle to prevent fatigue while cutting. You will be glad you decided to invest in a pair of scissors for your kitchen.

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