Live Show – Modern Turkey Roasting

It’s Turkey Time! 

Escoffier Online in conjunction with would like to help you cook the perfect turkey this Thanksgiving. Join Chef Mark Dowling’s live show today, November 13th at 11:30 am CST.

Watch the preview series here.

Watch the archived live show:

We hope you enjoy and look forward to having you join our future events!


  1. Hi – thanks for the demo.
    Can I infuse the butter with herbs or spices? For example, garlic, rosemary, white pepper, lemon juice, thyme? If so, how do you recommend I go about doing that without adding chunks of garlic that will burn and turn bitter? Garlic powder?

  2. Doesn’t it let all the juice out if you poke it with a thermometer? Any way to tell if it’s done w/o repeatedly poking?

  3. When you mentioned the internal temps, did you say 165 for dark and abt 175 for light? If I check the temp for thigh and it’s 160, is it safe to remove it from the oven? Will it continue to rise as it rests or should I remove it at 165?